Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The other day I found a spider hiding in the corner by the washing machine, and he was giant. Here he is:I used to not kill spiders, I would just turn them loose outside, because I considered them my allies again mosquitoes and flies. But they haven't really been holding up their end of the bargain, so now I just kill them.
I killed this guy extra dead because he kind of looks like a Hobo Spider to me. I am not afraid of spiders.

I am afraid of tarps though. The other day I walked past this:And had a mini-freak-out moment because I thought it was one of these:
I blame Halloween. It's making me jumpy. (Yeah yeah, fine, jumpier than usual.)


Untypically Jia said...

I kill all spiders too because I worry about those darn hobo spiders. Also because spiders are gross and freak me out. I don't care how nice other people say they are. Chickens are probably nice but I'm still gonna eat them.

McRachie said...

Ah Jia, but that is where you are wrong, chickens are NOT nice. They are wicked small-brained creatures who only think about pecking things. They deserve to be eaten for that, and because they are naturally delicious.