Monday, October 11, 2010

Zucchini Zucchini Zucchini

We have the most wonderful landlady. Seriously, she has wings and a halo, and a zucchini garden that is producing millions of zucchinis which she shares with us. (By the way, if you say "zucchini" more than 6 times in a row it starts to lose all meaning and sound like a fake word.)

I have been endeavoring to use every zucchini, offered to us, in a new and exciting way. Luckily zucchini is a very versatile squash. It's like the character actor of squash, not a Prima donna pumpkin, or a show stealer like its butternut brothers; zucchini is cool to just sit back and make everything else taste better.First up, I have zucchini pickles. These are very easy and a nice change from regular type cucumber pickles. I pretty much followed the recipe exactly.
This zucchini sandwich is one we eat frequently, not just when we are trying to use up zucchini. It is really delicious. I usually add saffron to the zucchini while I am cooking it.
This zucchini ricotta cheesecake was nice, and really easy to make. (I added sun-dried tomatoes.) Note, just in case you are not good at reading carefully, this is a savory cheesecake, don't make it for dessert.
Do make this for dessert! I love plain old zucchini bread, but why make that when you can make chocolate zucchini cake??? This cake was for our nephew T, who doesn't like to eat his veggies, but who is easily bamboozled into eating them when they are enfolded in cake. (Who isn't?)
Special thanks to Sonya, who gave me this awesome cake pan. It is now famous amongst my nieces and nephews, for bringing creations like "Rachel's Castle Jello" and now "Rachel's Castle Cake".


Sara said...

MMMMMMmmmmmm! That cake looks so delicious! I think I will make it!

Haley! said...

Haha your famous castle dishes (plus veggies) hahahaha :) YUMMY!! :)

M. McEwen said...

And it WAS delicious, but WHY oh WHY did you have to leave the few leftover pieces at our house??? Yes, it has zucchini in it, but also it has a lot of other not-so-desired things (i.e. CALORIES). And there it was staring me in the face first thing this morning and all throughout the day. Sheer chocolaty torture. Until I broke. 8^]

McRachie said...

Hee hee I thought Trent would have eaten it all before anyone else got a chance!

Alan said...

Nate walked by, saw the cake photo and said "Mmmm!" I said "it's got zucchini in it." He said "Never mind."