Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear People Who Build Houses,

What the heck? Why is it that the thermostat in the house is never next to the bed in the master bedroom?

The problem is that when you fiddle with the thermostat you don't realize the gravity of what you have done until you wake up in the middle of the night. For example, when it is freezing outside, Handsome Bryce comes home, all a-shiver, and rushes to turn up the heat. Usually he turns it up to something like 88 or 90, in a desperate attempt to thaw out. Once the threat of frostbite subsides we forget about the thermostat and hop into bed...until 2:00 am, when we wake up and it is somehow 400 degrees in our room. Bleah. It is so hot all you can do is cast the blanket off and suffer. It is too hot to move at all, much less to trek to the kitchen and shut off the heat.

Scenario number 2 is the opposite situation. I hop off my Gazelle and think, sheesh! It is so hot in the house! The thermostat gets switched waaaaay down, as down as it will go. Then I forget about it, until 2:00 am...
So seriously construction people and architects, what is the deal? Why do the thermostat controls need to be in the center of the house? Should they actually be accessible to everyone in the house? Really, isn't the master of the house (who stays in the master bedroom) the only person who has any business touching the thermostat anyway? If you want to avoid having your name cursed at 2:00 am I better see some changes soon.

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Sonya said...

I think that the thermostat is generally in close proximity to the air system. Laziness and all that. But you could probably wire one in your bedroom as well when you have a place that allows you to tinker*.

*tinker meaning busting holes in walls and causing general electric mayhem for a week or so.