Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Do Not Wish I Were on a Cruise
This is today:It is gray and chilly and there are teeny tiny snows falling everywhere. I still do not have a job, and there are no sporting events to watch tonight. Normally these sorts of things inspire Bryce and me to say, "Let's just go on a cruise instead", but not today.

Here is an article about the cruise ship we were on a few months ago. Seriously! The very same ship is being pulled back to land by two (comparatively) tiny tug boats! So even though the weather is gloomy I am grateful today to be in my toasty warm house with my hottie husband!


Sara said...

Oh man! I wish I was on that cruise! The passengers got the cruise refunded, all of their travel expenses refunded, and a free future cruise! Sign me up!

Haley! said...

:O Oh no!!! You guys are lucky!! :)