Friday, November 05, 2010

Inside Joke

Bryce and I are so excited about BYU basketball. (Looking forward to basketball helps us get past the pain of this football season.) We like to make T-shirts to show our enthusiasm. This year our shirt would feature our favorite player (really everyone's favorite player, for good reason) Jimmer Fredette. We started with some plain white shirts. (Ok, we started started with a plain white 3XL shirt for Bryce because normal shirts are too short, then I sewed it to fit him, different post on that later.)

We made a design in Adobe Illustrator, it had three colors (including white). Then we cut each color layer out of Masonite using a laser cutter. (The laser cutter is my favorite thing, except for Bryce, and Jesus.)
Bryce taped shirt shield to the edges of the templates.
Ta da, there are all three layers.
Next we put the template over our shirts and spray painted each color in. This was fun, because I am pretty sure that once the little neighbor kids saw that we were playing with spray paint they decided we were suspicious gang members, which is pretty hardcore.
After that, we let our shirts dry and had these beautiful finished products. (By the way, I literally just rolled out of bed for this picture, but my hair would probably have looked like that even if it was the afternoon.)

The only problem with our T-shirts is our little tag line. It says "Jimmer für Sie da!" so it will only appeal to the narrow group of people who both, speak German and are Jimmer Fredette fans. :( I will explain it to you though so you can appreciate how sparklingly witty we are.

In German the words "Immer für Sie da!" mean "Always there for you!" so it reads both "Jimmer is there for you" and "Always there for you". See that's pretty good? Oh whatever, Bryce and I think it is funny. Inside jokes are never as good when you explain them.

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Haley! said...

I love it!!!!!! How cute!!!! You guys are matchers :) Hahaha, Can't wait till Thanksgiving!!!!! :D <3