Thursday, November 04, 2010

Jalapeno Jelly Jam

Yesterday I made some jalapeno jelly. It was my first time making this kind of jam. I started with some peppers, red bell peppers, jalapenos, and some green chilies.
I used the recipe inside the box of pectin. The recipe seemed pretty snooty to me. It kept emphasizing to follow the recipe exactly. It even had instructions for "What if my jelly never sets?" the instructions were "Follow the recipe exactly" which, seems like the recipe reprimanding you, "If you had just listened to me in the first place this wouldn't have happened". I can't be bothered with exactness in recipes though, so I pretty much departed from the recipe immediately.
Jalapenos are spicy because they burn the inside of your mouth with acid. It's true. They will also burn your hands with acid, so the recipe commanded me to wear rubber gloves. I have rubber gloves, but they were last involved in a chemical experiment so I don't think they are food-safe anymore. So instead I made my own hand protection.
The recipe also wanted me to chop everything by hand, whoever wrote it seemed to begrudge the use of food processors. "If you do use a food processor use it on a pulse setting, DO NOT puree, a jam should have small pieces of fruit in it." Well, humph, who made you the authority on jam? (Ok fine, you are a jam recipe writer, but still, rude.) I used a food processor and pureed it a little out of spite.
I sanitized the jars
I sanitized the lids
I dumped all the peppers into a pan. I was suppose to use EXACTLY four cups, but I guessed.
I added all the ingredients at once, which is also forbidden by the recipe. (I wasn't trying to be contrary, I just got distracted.) I thought this looked just like barf.

The next steps were very fast, and foamy, so fast I didn't have time to take pictures of them. But during the next few minutes it went from looking like barf to looking like jam
EAT IT jam recipe writer! Not literally though, because I'm going to eat it, with cream cheese and crackers.

My sister in-law is doing well. They said she might go home today. Thank you for your prayers.


Tara said...

I don't want to sound like the "other" animals on "The Little Red Hen." However, I would just like to say that I would be happy to help you eat your jalapeno jelly! :)You have the best blog ever!

McRachie said...

Hee hee thanks Tara! Don't worry, there is totally a jar set aside for you!

Haley! said...

Yay!!! Haha A good tip for not burning you hands is to rub a little oil on your hands before you chop :) I am glad Kayla is doing okay :)