Friday, November 12, 2010

Provo in the Fall

When I was in Germany more than once, ladies at church would ask where I was from. I would always tell them Provo. (Yeah it's not really true, but I didn't really know how to say "Chino, California, but most recently my husband and I have been living in Orem, which is near Provo." Ok, I probably could have said that, but I was lazy.) Each time I said Provo I was shocked at the reaction. You see, I was feeling pretty good about myself for living somewhere exotic like Thiede, but these ladies at church would look at me with wonder and say "Provo? It is my favorite dream to go to Provo!" I was pretty much flabbergasted about this. I liked Provo and all, but my favorite dream is to go to Disneyland.

For some reason it is cool to think Provo is lame. People around here (mostly annoying college kids who have suddenly become sooooo smart) refer to Provo as "The Bubble" meaning a place where you are insulated from the "real" world. (Don't ask them what the "real" world is because the answer will be too stupid to bear.)

These ladies in Germany had the right reasons for loving Provo though."So close to the beautiful temple!" This is something I think it is easy to take for granted. Those ladies would drive for more than 3 hours every week to go to the temple."And Salt Lake with the prophet!" Again, I never thought about how special it is to be able to sit in the same room and hear a prophet speak.

"And by BYU!" These ladies probably didn't have football in mind, (ok, they for sure didn't). Isn't it marvelous that there is a university where young people who value their faith can get an excellent education and strengthen each other? Isn't it also wonderful that they play football?

Another thing I love is watching the seasons change on the mountains, and having mountains nearby. Mountains are fabulous, a place where the earth stands up and says "Look at my awesomeness!!!"

So if you ever hear anyone complaining about where you live, remember that every place has wonderful things about it, and some lady in Europe might be wishing she could visit there!


Sara said...

I like your nativity ornament!

Camie and JD said...

Oh I miss provo!! Those pictures remind me of how much I miss it sometimes! Oh and miss you guys!