Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Welp, I Guess I Won't Have any Competition.
Seriously internet, who is going to be my nemesis? Justin Jimenez has turned into a normal nice person and is too busy with his fancy job to be a proper arch enemy anymore.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Celebratory Purchase

You may have heard, I am now gainfully employed at Brigham Young University, which I must say is EXCELLENT! To celebrate this happiness I decided to get some new shoes, specifically Mary Janes, which my closet was lacking.

So I went to a fancy store in the mall. I was looking at their shoes and deciding "no" to all of them. Suddenly a saleslady swoops up from behind asking, "Do you know what you are looking for?" This caught me off guard, usually they say "Can I help you with anything?" and I say "No." but I actually did know what I was looking for. (Sales technique: Give them a question they don't have a pre-programmed answer for.) I said "Mary Janes." She led me to these bad boys:She had a toady there who ooohed and aaahed and said that these shoes were "So unbelievable!" I said, "I was looking for something a lot less practical than that, I want a heel" So she led me to these:
The toady said, "These are the beeeeest I looooooove them!!!!" I could see that things were going badly, so I ran out of there.

It is pretty hard to find decent Mary Janes for adults. They are sometimes wicked-witchy style, but mostly they are either snoozy-granny style or skanky-trampy style:

When it comes to shoe choices I generally lean toward the latter; but only shoe choices! In almost every other choice you should always choose granny!
Here are the shoes I got, resting somewhere between snoozy and skanky, with a tiny dash of wicked witch.

Bryce did not believe that my closet was lacking anything, so now I am giving away some shoes to clear out space!

It's weird, pretty much every picture of Mary Jane type shoes has a pigeon toed model, what gives? Was the original Mary Jane that way?
Oh the Snowmanity!

I found this adorable tutorial for melted snowman cookies. (She has a cook book filled with other ideas of unprecedented adorableness.) I wanted to make them but I am way too lazy to make fondant. I found these little cookies and decided they might be the perfect pre-made snowman head!I got some Starbursts to use as noses.
I was able to get about 4 noses out of each Starburst.
When I opened the cookies though, I realized I had grossly overestimated the size of the cookies.
I mean really, those have got to be the world's tiniest flamingos!
So I trimmed a little bit off of each nose. Then I used frosting to glue on the noses and mini-chip eyes.
Then I traced out the body outline for for the snowmen, just like a policeman with chalk. (Or NOT like a policeman with chalk!) I filled in the outline, stuck the heads on, and added spaghetti arms. It turned out that the cookies were actually the perfect size, if they had been bigger the snowmen would have had giant heads.
So there they are, sad, delicious, melted snowmen waiting to meet their doom.
Except this guy couldn't wait. He plunged off of the serving dish, dashing his snowy head against my driveway. 5 second rule?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

No Mysteries Here

So Thanksgiving is over and I now look like this:(The one on the right, I didn't grow a beard.) Perhaps you are in the same situation and you are thinking, "How in the name of Paula Deen did this happen?" Well here's how it happened to me:
Cupcakes with a lump of cookie dough inside
Fresh buttered popcorn
Cream cheese frosting with a bit of cinnamon roll underneath
potatoes and dip
In'N Out animal style cheeseburgers and fries
and chocolate shakes...
My mom's "secret stash" of candy
Thanksgiving (I only got pictures of the carnage afterward.)
Oh the Thanksgiving.
I gave special thanks for these See's candy chocolate turkeys.
So much thanks...

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I'm Back! From Outer Space!
Just kidding, I was only in California, but now I am back in Utah and it is snowy everywhere. Naturally it is time for Christmas decorations! I was hanging out with my beloved Steffy on Monday and she said "Look at this awesome felt wreath tutorial!" (Mom, be careful when you click that link because there are swears.) We decided to make it. Steff made hers a bright Christmas color just like the tutorial. I made mine burgundy:
It was so pretty I decided I didn't want to hang it outside, so it is inside our door.
It matches our stockings which my mom gave to us.
My mom also gave us these melty snowmen. hee hee

Also big news! I got a job!! Yay! I am working at BYU now, my favorite place besides Disneyland!