Friday, December 03, 2010

Celebratory Purchase

You may have heard, I am now gainfully employed at Brigham Young University, which I must say is EXCELLENT! To celebrate this happiness I decided to get some new shoes, specifically Mary Janes, which my closet was lacking.

So I went to a fancy store in the mall. I was looking at their shoes and deciding "no" to all of them. Suddenly a saleslady swoops up from behind asking, "Do you know what you are looking for?" This caught me off guard, usually they say "Can I help you with anything?" and I say "No." but I actually did know what I was looking for. (Sales technique: Give them a question they don't have a pre-programmed answer for.) I said "Mary Janes." She led me to these bad boys:She had a toady there who ooohed and aaahed and said that these shoes were "So unbelievable!" I said, "I was looking for something a lot less practical than that, I want a heel" So she led me to these:
The toady said, "These are the beeeeest I looooooove them!!!!" I could see that things were going badly, so I ran out of there.

It is pretty hard to find decent Mary Janes for adults. They are sometimes wicked-witchy style, but mostly they are either snoozy-granny style or skanky-trampy style:

When it comes to shoe choices I generally lean toward the latter; but only shoe choices! In almost every other choice you should always choose granny!
Here are the shoes I got, resting somewhere between snoozy and skanky, with a tiny dash of wicked witch.

Bryce did not believe that my closet was lacking anything, so now I am giving away some shoes to clear out space!

It's weird, pretty much every picture of Mary Jane type shoes has a pigeon toed model, what gives? Was the original Mary Jane that way?


Haley! said...

Ooh those are cute!! And they go well with your new tights!! :D yay!

Camie and JD said...

I love those shoes, i want some just like that!!! I will convince J.D. that I need some. Where did you find them.

McRachie said...

Thanks guys! I got mine at a fancy establishment called "Ross" but you can get some here too:

Tara said...

Were the two sales people 105 years old?? Those shoe's are hideous!
Can't wait to see your new shoes in person! :)

McRachie said...

They weren't 105 years old, they just wanted to make $105 in commission!