Thursday, December 02, 2010

No Mysteries Here

So Thanksgiving is over and I now look like this:(The one on the right, I didn't grow a beard.) Perhaps you are in the same situation and you are thinking, "How in the name of Paula Deen did this happen?" Well here's how it happened to me:
Cupcakes with a lump of cookie dough inside
Fresh buttered popcorn
Cream cheese frosting with a bit of cinnamon roll underneath
potatoes and dip
In'N Out animal style cheeseburgers and fries
and chocolate shakes...
My mom's "secret stash" of candy
Thanksgiving (I only got pictures of the carnage afterward.)
Oh the Thanksgiving.
I gave special thanks for these See's candy chocolate turkeys.
So much thanks...


Clairice said...

haha mmmm yummy! PS Good job on getting the job at BYU! :D

Haley! said...

Hahaha yummm :) Whenever I think of overeating, I think of School of Rock when Jack Black said this: