Friday, December 03, 2010

Oh the Snowmanity!

I found this adorable tutorial for melted snowman cookies. (She has a cook book filled with other ideas of unprecedented adorableness.) I wanted to make them but I am way too lazy to make fondant. I found these little cookies and decided they might be the perfect pre-made snowman head!I got some Starbursts to use as noses.
I was able to get about 4 noses out of each Starburst.
When I opened the cookies though, I realized I had grossly overestimated the size of the cookies.
I mean really, those have got to be the world's tiniest flamingos!
So I trimmed a little bit off of each nose. Then I used frosting to glue on the noses and mini-chip eyes.
Then I traced out the body outline for for the snowmen, just like a policeman with chalk. (Or NOT like a policeman with chalk!) I filled in the outline, stuck the heads on, and added spaghetti arms. It turned out that the cookies were actually the perfect size, if they had been bigger the snowmen would have had giant heads.
So there they are, sad, delicious, melted snowmen waiting to meet their doom.
Except this guy couldn't wait. He plunged off of the serving dish, dashing his snowy head against my driveway. 5 second rule?


Haley! said...

Oh those are cute!!!:D

Chic Cookies said...

Oh, these are so fantastic! Look at you all clever with your cookies and Starburst and cupcakes. Such a great version of my Mr. Melty. Thanks so much for sending me the link!!

McRachie said...

Thanks again for the idea Meaghan, you book looks fantastic!