Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black Bean Brownies, Bleck!

Normally I don't believe in trying to healthy-up recipes for desserts. I don't trust "fat free ice cream" because cream is fat, so that just leaves you with ice. I don't believe in sugar free sweets for the same reason.

I stumbled across this recipe for Black Bean Brownies and somehow forgot all of my rules against healthy sweets. It was just so strange I wanted to try it. You will notice all the testimonials at the bottom extolling the many qualities of deliciousness and non-bean tastingness that these brownies have.
Don't be fooled. Though deceptively pretty and good smelling, they taste exactly like beans.

Apologies to Bryce's mom, who found them without explanation in her kitchen whilst in the throes of brownie cravings. You can imagine the sheer horror of biting into a delicious brownie only to discover that it is only cleverly molded beans. They were pretty good with tortilla chips though.

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Sonya said...

I have made these before! And actually i thought they were pretty ok. Not enough to satisfy a real brownie craving, but definately enough to satisfy a random sweet-wanting. I felt like peanut butter would have made them better...
However I recently developed an aversion to black beans so I am on a bean-cation.