Thursday, January 27, 2011


Handsome Bryce and I went to one of BYU's biggest basketball games last night. It was the first time they have beaten a top 5 ranked team since the '60s!These pictures where I hold the camera in front of us never work.
The game was sold out, I couldn't see any empty seats. Everyone was so excited and so loud, jumping and yelling and generally acting crazy. I discovered that I cannot yell as loud as other people, because when I screamed I couldn't hear myself at all. My ears were kind of ringing at the end. All the excitement and cheering was great, but there was one draw back...

You see, BYU fans, like some other schools, have this little ritual they do during free-throws. It involves everyone putting their arms up above their head while they wait for the shot, and then saying "Whoooosh!" if it goes in. This is all well and good, normally. But friends, this was a high energy game, and most of you did not make high energy preparations:
Next time, let's all plan ahead.


Haley! said...

hahahahaha :D I am glad BYU won and that you and Bryce had a good time! :)

M. McEwen said...

Yes cougar fans, Puh-lease plan ahead, and if not, at least WARN me before I buy the car you drove home. Gallons of febreze and hangy-up air-fresheners are NO match for your high-energy! Trust me.