Monday, January 17, 2011

Coconut Shrimp
I recently stumbled upon this blog: Recipeasy. I keep saying that name over and over in my head and it sounds like "Re-seh-peeeeezy" in a high pitched voice like Princess Peach. (I think we have been playing too much Mario Kart around here.) I like the the looks of many of the recipes.

I decided to try the Coconut Shrimp recipe and it was a fabulous success.I started with frozen uncooked shrimp. I didn't have any brown sugar so I used honey instead.
I started the shrimp marinating while I made the mango salsa. Shimp marinating in a bag doesn't look yummy.
Perhaps you know this, and perhaps you don't, but cutting up mangoes is a pain in the patoot. I learned a secret way of doing it from my sister Sara. You lop off the sides and then cut a grid through the flesh, but try not to go all the way through the skin.
Then you turn the slice inside-out, which is excellent fun.
Then you slice all the fruit cubes off with a knife.
I mixed up the mango salsa and put it in the fridge. (P.s. What is that mysterious thing in the bottom right corner of that salsa picture? I really have no idea? Aliens?)Then I started the coconut rice.By this time those shrimp had marinated enough so I got to work stir frying them. I put some coconut in the oven to broil. My mom taught me that when you broil things you should always hang onto the oven handle until it is done. Every time I have broken this rule of holding onto the handle I have burned the food to be broiled into a black mass. (Steffy, remember the time I lit a whole pan of pitas on fire and we had to call your mom to find out how we could put it out?)
I was so mesmerized by the shrimp changing color while they cooked that I completely forgot about the mango salsa.So we ate the shrimp and it was delicious, and then we had mango salsa with chips later that night, also delicious.

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