Monday, January 31, 2011


While Handsome Bryce and I were engaged we would meet with my wonderful bishop every other week. It was really fun to spend time together and get advice. Bishop Bryant gave us a packet of articles he had thoughtfully compiled about finances, communication, forgiveness, stress etc. I really appreciated the time he took with us to help our marriage to be successful, but I have to admit that there was one article that we have been mocking ever since.

I looked all over Google for it but I can't find it. I only remember that it was talking about that you will realize your spouse is human and little things will start to bother you such as "leaving their socks directly in your path to the bathroom". I know, horrors! But in my searching I have found that socks are a pretty big deal in many households.

Well guys, this weekend it happened. Bryce left his socks right in the middle of my path to the bathroom.Lucky me that I married the one man who make socks on the floor of the bathroom cute. (He promises this was purely on accident. Accidental awesomeness.)

So the article did come true, and it didn't. I'm not annoyed by Bryce's socks. (Although I am annoyed when he throws me off a cliff during Super Mario Coin Battle. grrrrr.) I love you Bryce!

I'm serious about the coin battle thing, what the heck? I can barely stop myself from falling off the edge unperturbed! I don't need someone chucking me off! But it's still worth it to be married to you. xoxox


Steffy said...

I wish I could read this article! That is one of the things I've had to learn (unsuccessfully) to not be annoyed at. Harold totally leaves his dirty socks around and it makes me explode into craziness. :)

McRachie said...

I will try and find it for you Steffy, but the gist of it was "Don't get annoyed about socks on the floor." So that's like basically as good as reading the article right?

Haley! said...

Hahaha that is really funny! :)