Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There's a show called "Hoarders" about people who hoard stuff, like a lot of stuff, like they can't walk through their house because they have so much stuff, like there are vermin living beneath the perma-layer of stuff. I never knew such a thing existed. I want everyone to watch "Hoarders" because it is mind-explodingly shocking. After seeing that show I am forever changed. I can never look at my house the same way. Everything has the potential to turn my house into a hoarder-house.

I think everyone has a little hoarder inside of them. The little hoarder has two weapons, laziness and fear, the fear that you will throw something away and then you will miss it or need it later. The little hoarder is the one who can't throw away an old movie ticket stub, or is too lazy to get rid of a broken iron. No more. After watching this show the hoarder fear was consumed by a new fear, the fear of becoming a hoarder.
So with my new-found courage I became the anti-hoarder. I have been moving through our house getting rid of random superfluous stuff.
It was fantastic, this rush of pure victory as I slew the little hoarder over and over again. I threw stuff away and I did not regret it!



Haley! said...

I seriously laughed out loud when I read this! Which is kinda emabarrasing because I amn at school in my computer class :) hahahhahahaa Yay!

Sonya said...

I keep movie stubs! They might be worth many monies one day!!! And Magazines. And Dead plants! But I look at all Paul's stuff and think about what a hoarder he is and how I should get rid of some of his stuff so we can have more space. muahahaha.

Steffy said...

I need you to come unhoard my house! What did Bryce want with the iron?

McRachie said...

Hee hee. He wanted to take it apart and use the mechanism that regulates the temperature.