Monday, February 07, 2011

I made a poster to taunt someone. It said:

Mr. Willis,

I can only attempt to imagine the overwhelming feeling of foolishness which you are probably now experiencing. Despite all of your scoffs and taunts before the game, Jimmer Fredette has bested you again! I would like to call attention specifically to your statement, “He don't want to get no assists” (Youmans). Please note that Jimmer actually had more assists than any other player in the game today. It is ironic that your ignorance actually made your statement correct; as the double negative changes the meaning to be the opposite of what you intended it to be. I am laughing at your expense, you scoundrel!

1. Youmans, Matt. "Defensive Willis eyes revenge." LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL (2011): Web. 7 Feb 2011.

Sure, English majors find it annoying to see bad grammar or misspellings on posters at sporting events, but truthfully, there are drawbacks to doing things our way too.

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