Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Raise Awareness

In the past weeks I have attended a couple of Zumba classes. Zumba is like aerobics, except with a lot more bum-shaking and shoulder-shimmying. Many people are fans of Zumba because they think it is a lot more fun than aerobics. (I hate aerobics so bad that I have to eat a cookie whenever I think about it, so Zumba actually probably is more fun than aerobics, however it is not nearly as fun as playing Mario Kart.) I am not a Zumba lover, or even a Zumba liker. In Zumba you are supposed to copy everything an instructor is doing. They would also prefer it if you smiled A LOT while doing this. I am pretty much unable to smile while trying to use all my brain power to copy a lot of random foot and arm motions.

Minutes into my first class I began to realize that I was just not able to keep up with my peers.
I am also clinically unable to shimmy. Here is an x-ray of my body, and a map of my brain:
As you can see the part of my brain which controls my hips is scrambled with the part that controls the shoulders. When I try to shimmy I am only able to jerkily move my hips, or shrug my shoulders. Any attempts at bum-shaking produce similarly awkward confusion. I refer to this a Musculoskeletal Dyslexia, but apparently the accepted medical term is "Uncoordinated".

I will probably still go to Zumba because I really like eating cookies and sitting on the couch. Just don't expect me to smile about it.


Haley! said...

Hahahahahaha I love your comics!!! I heard of zumba before and I thought it sounded cool! :D

McRachie said...

Don't let my disability deter you, you should still try Zumba if it sounds like the sort of thing that you would like! Most people think it is fun, just not me.