Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Better Snack

Lately there have been several frozen yogurt places that have suddenly popped up in Provo and Orem. I wanted to try one so I tried to bamboozle Handsome Bryce into going with me by making it the reward for winning a bet. (The outcome of the bet is so far undetermined, unless Max Hall's mom will write to me and tell me if Max's hair is red or brown.)

Even though I didn't win, yet, Handsome Bryce still offered to go try the frozen yogurt with me. So we drove by the first place:
Too crowded. The second place?
Even more crowded! The third place?
Seriously, what is going on? Has science invented a new unimaginably delicious frozen yogurt since I last tried one? I was under the impression that frozen yogurt was just the somewhat less delicious, but supposedly healthy, sister to ice cream. It's a respectable snack, but it isn't that great.

I could understand a mad rush to purchase something magically fantastic, like:
Ok, so that is basically a shish-kabob, but guys, it's steak. Steak is so much more delicious than yogurt!
I would wait in all three yogurt lines to try the Ice Crchurro. As you can see it is a churro injected full of ice cream. (p.s. Spell-Check thinks "churro" is not a word, but it seems to be ok with "crchurro", curious.)
This idea is so great I hope someone steals it from me and starts selling it right now. It is a giant tortilla chip rolled into a cone and filled with nachos. I love nachos, but I do not love their messiness. No more getting cheese-fingers from grabbing individual chips, and no more dropping your toppings! You can eat it like an ice cream cone! Why does this not exist yet???

If you own a frozen yogurt establishment, take a long look at yourself. Isn't it in your best interest to diversify? Please, the people need Nacho Cones!


Alan said...

When you guys come down here we WILL have Ice Crchurro's with chocolate an caramel dipping sauce! I am more excited about that one than the nacho cone. Of course we could (SHOULD) continue our quest for pineapple yogurt-butter-like delicacy.

Rain Coyote said...

Frozen yogurt is overrated; I want Nachos in a cone!

Clairice said...

I think I just fell in love with the Ice Crchurro and I haven't even tasted one yet!! haha (: