Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boo Bubbles!

I saw a guy making dry ice bubbles on Youtube and it looked so magical that I needed to try it too. I pestered Handsome Bryce into making me a container that could make these happy little blobs. It turned out to be a really cheap project. We used an empty gallon milk jug, 3 feet of .5 inch clear tubing $.60, and some Liquid Nails $1.39. We also bought a pack of different bubble blowing tips for $5, this is optional, but it helps if you want to make big bubbles.

We cleaned the milk-jug and melted a hole at the top of the handle, which the tube was inserted into and held in place with the Liquid Nails. We let this dry over-night.

Once the bubble chamber was complete we filled it half-full with hot water and put dry ice pieces in it. We then dipped the end of the tube in a mixture of dish soap and water. After removing the tube from the soap one of us would cover the mouth of the jug, thus forcing the carbon dioxide vapor through the tube, creating magical cloud bubbles!

The outside of the bubble is warm from the warm water, and the inside is cool because of the sublimated carbon dioxide. They won't hurt you, we were wearing gloves so that we could hold the bubbles without popping them.

Yes, it was just as fun as it looks.


Clairice said...

Yaay!!! That was so much fun! My favorite were the tiny bubbles (:

Haley! said...

This was AWESOME!! :)

M. McEwen said...

Haha -- Rachel, you are so funny (and right) This looks just like a boo-bubble. [Except that the babies don't need dry ice and there is something besides air inside!] Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term "boo-bubble" doesn't it? :-D