Monday, June 20, 2011

Obscure Allusions
Sometimes, I see or hear something and it instantly reminds me of something else. It is convenient when then thing it reminds me of is something pretty much everyone else can relate to. For example "That rock reminds me of a big toe" is something to which most people will say, "Hey, you are right! It looks just like a hallux!"

Sometimes it can be impressive when the thing happens to remind you of an obscure piece of literature or art. Then you can say, "Oh, this song reminds me of Goya's Disasters of War prints." Someone might say, "You are totally right!" thereby making the two of you bff; or they might say "I've never heard of those" to which you can respond casually "Oh, they're not his most famous pieces" thereby making you seem more educated than you are.

The problem is when the thing you are reminded of is both obscure, and stupid. As you all know:Nevertheless, for some reason when I was 12 I decided to watch a random made-for-TV horror movie called They Nest. Probably it was a terrible movie that no one else would be afraid of (if anyone else besides me had ever seen it) but it left a lasting impression on me. If you follow the link you can watch the trailer and get the full impact, but basically what you need to know is that people on the East coast were attacked by hoards of roaches with paralyzing bites. Then the poor temporarily paralyzed person would fall down and a big, pulsating roach queen would crawl into their mouth. It was heinous, see?
It has left a lasting impression on me, though. Ever since I saw the movie I have seen things that remind me of that big ugly mother roach, and no one has ever been able to agree with me about it!

So from now on when I say, "Ugh, that reminds me of that giant roach queen in that weird They Nest movie" I expect all of you to respond with something like, "Eeew you are right!" and we will be bffs.


Sonya said...

Given the context, I am with you most of the way in each of those images... Maybe 78.9% head nodding of the "hmmm I can see that" variety. However the chaise lounge just makes me wonder if it is as comfy and fluffy as it looks.
That movie looks super nasty. I am not a fan of horror movies at all, but I can enjoy them sometimes. However ANYTHING gross I have low tolerance for. In fact, when one of our animals starts heaving in a pre-puking manner, my reaction is (literally) to yell "Paul paul paul he's throwing up!" and go fetal with my hands over my ears humming to myself. I don't anticipate my reaction changing when babies arrive.

McRachie said...

Haha the chaise lounge is actually the thing that looks the most roachy to me!