Monday, June 27, 2011

Squishy Red Aliens

Now that we know we are having a boy, people keep asking me what we are going to name him. Some people tell me "Oh, I never name any of my kids until I see them, because I have to know what they will look like." Here's the thing, I know what your kid is going to look like. We all know that kids look like squishy red aliens when they first come out.

My mom told me that when I was born she thought, "Oh, other babies are all squished and red when they are born, but Rachel is not!" This shows you that my mom loves me, because yes, I was:Luckily all things have a measure of cuteness when they are small, (even Velcro-shoes,) but really babies just don't get very cute for a while. I, for example, looked like Winston Churchill for the first part of my life.

No one believes me when I tell them this. Usually people think I am kidding or something.
But I am not kidding.Don't worry. I'm cool with it. Winston Churchill was a pretty ok guy, and later on I grew some hair and a neck. Now Winston and I could barely pass for cousins.So we don't have a name picked out, but it is not because I need to see what our baby will look like. I am pretty sure he will grow out of that anyway.


Steffy said...

I love that baby picture of you. Totally separated from birth from Winston! Too bad he didn't grow out of it. Did you know my sister in law looked like a black Winston Churchill? Maybe she is related somehow as well. I'll find you a picture next time I'm in Arkansas.

McRachie said...

Haha, and none of them look like him now! Good thing we grew out of that. There can only be one Winston.

Alan said...

Now you have to do an old, bald, separated at birth for Bryce too. I think my favorite was the princess-ballerina, mirror picture.

Haley! said...

Hahahah! Winston Churchhill :D haha