Friday, June 10, 2011

You Guys, Mythbusters is not Real Science!

In their "Aerosol Bazooka" episode the Mythbusters concluded that an aerosol can would not explode in a hot car.


Don't be fooled by the TV my friends. An aerosol can is totally capable of exploding even on an 80 degree day.

Anyone looking to buy a '92 Saturn? The air conditioning doesn't work, but it is very well ventilated.


Steffy said...

That looks awesome! Sorry about your windshield but awesome!

Sonya said...

My first thought here was not, "WHOA! 'SPLODEY!" But rather, "Finally, a blog post!"

McRachie said...

That's ok, my first thought was, "We need to blow up another can so I can watch this time!"

Mark W. said...

yikes! sorry about that! you should send these pictures to mythbusters and prove them wrong!

Rain Coyote said...

The liars. I wish I could have witnessed this explosion from a safe distance.