Friday, July 08, 2011


I work at BYU. Sometimes when I am walking around campus students will come up to me and say:
While I am responding with a long "Heeeeeeeeey!" I have my brain in overdrive trying to figure out who I am talking to. Usually it is doing this:
You see, I have a problem. I can't imagine people at different ages than what I have decided they are. If an adult is telling me a story about when they were a kid, I can imagine their adult head on a kid body, but that's all. Many people who live/lived in Chino are still the same age, in my mind, that they were when I went to college.

I know they are actually grown up now. My little baby brother is taller than me, and ickle Clairice can drive a car!
So if I see you on campus and seem weird, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to stop myself from saying, "Do you need a juice box?" or "Does you mom know you are here?".

You can get me back though. Just think of me like this:


Haley! said...

Hahahahaha Ariel LaFantaine? haha I saw her yesterday too!! :)

Alan said...

this is nathan and who are you calling little baby brother :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McRachie said...

You are my little baby brother! Remember when you used to take pictures of your block houses and email them to me after I went to college?