Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dreams are really weird. There are also a lot of "facts" about dreams, floating around on the internet, that are also really weird.

For example, "they" postulate that fetuses spend 80% of their sleeping time having dreams, and that their dreams consist mostly of sounds. Yeah right Napoleon, like anyone can even know that.

I can't blame babies for spending their time dreaming. I always imagined they were having a blast swimming in a big bubble, but they are actually kind of squished up in the dark without access to Netflix, so they probably get super bored. But how in the heck can people pretend to know what they are dreaming about?

"They" also say that you can't read in your dreams and that some people only dream in black and white.
I can read and see in color in my dreams so I am skeptical about either one of these being true.

Many people are also adamant that all the people in your dreams are real people that you have seen at some point in your past, you just don't remember them. They say that you do not create new people.
Again, how could anyone know that? If I close my eyes right now I can easily invent a completely new face that I have never seen before. Why would my brain take the time to dredge up the face of the cat-lady on the news when I can just invent a new face?

Also, oddly enough I used to mostly only dream about imaginary people. It wasn't until I met Handsome Bryce that he, and other people I know, started getting incorporated into my dreams.
According to the internet there are common dreams that bridge all cultures and socio-economic levels. They are: flying, nakedness in public, losing teeth, and unpreparedness.

I never dream about any of these things. Except one time I dreamed I went to work in my undies, and I didn't care. Otherwise, never.
There are also many people called Oneironauts who are conscious that they are dreaming and can sometimes control their dreams. I cannot do this. I always 100% believe that my dream is real, and when I realize it is not I wake up violently and suddenly.

I sometimes have dreams in German, where everyone speaks German the right way except for me. My own speaking is the only horrible German in my dreams. I think this is a rude way for my own brain to insult me.

Every once and a while Bryce and I will have the same dream. Weird.

In conclusion, dreams are super weird and I don't believe most of the things that people claim about them. Do you?


Sara said...

No, but I do dream about losing teeth and flying and sometimes I realize I am dreaming and I can control things.

Caitlin said...

I have never had a "naked" dream. Falling, and losing my teeth, yes. But never the other one. As for color, I see color in my dreams too so I think "they" are crazy.

McRachie said...

I am jealous that you can control your dreams. You should always transform into Batgirl when that happens.

Rain Coyote said...

I don't know if I believe them or not (mostly not) but I do know this: the dream king (also known as the Sandman) gives me dreams that are very tiresome, as I am usually saving the world via strange methods including, but not limited to, pirate's ships, ninjas, and time traveling refrigerators. I can sometimes control them, almost always have trouble running, often end up flying (or falling) and distinctly remember colours. Whatever that means I don't know, only that sometimes I wake up very tired.

McRachie said...

I also can't run in my dreams. Then again, I can't/won't really run in real life either so that is actually pretty accurate.

Sonya said...

You actually have had a dream about losing teeth, just so you know. I remember you telling me about it at Northview.
On second thought, maybe it was about toes falling off? Maybe both?
I usually do not know it is a dream exactly, but I often do know it isn't exactly normal reality and I can control things somewhat or try out new powers. If i overthink it in the dream though, it becomes like Wendy in Peter Pan trying to fly. I have to work really hard and it isn't as smooth as before I thought about it. I do dream in colour, and I also can always breathe underwater or fly.

Sonya said...

I can't run either! I can fly, I can breathe underwater, I can sometimes to something that is similar to tesser-ing (remember Wrinkle in time?) but never run. It is like running through pudding with lead feet. Also, for some reason, if I am naked (which is rare) in my dream then I can't see well. Everything is hazy like a lifetime movie dream sequence on a fuzzy tv.

McRachie said...

Well obviously if you forgot to put on your clothes you also forgot to wear your glasses.

Also it was two toes, not teeth.