Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Hate it When this Happens

P.s. This is a way worse problem when your awesome idea came to you in your sleep, because it usually looks like this:


Rain Coyote said...

I sometimes wretch at things I have written that in the heat of the moment I thought were brilliant. Also with the dream thing, I'll wake up thinking: "Oh my gosh. Wouldn't that make an AWESOME story?"

Of course, after about ten minutes of being awake I tell myself: "No."

Haley! said...

This is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What was your great idea?

McRachie said...

Haley, my idea is top secret. It can still be saved!

Not the idea about the cow though, anyone can steal that if they want.

Steffy said...

I may need to steal the cow idea. I think it is brilliant and I've been awake for hours. ;)

Sara said...

Cupcake producing cows..."at last! at last! It's mine!"

Sonya said...

Even worse? Dreams that really ARE amazingly awesome even after being remembered in daylight, but cannot in any way be conveyed properly to another person.
I had a dream like this where Weird Al was some kind of evil-but-affable genius with a tiny chicken friend. He was going to destroy the world and was controling everyone's TVs. His lair was at the top of a mountain in a castle in the middle of his GIANT theme park. The tiny chicken was secretly helping me infiltrate, using psychic chicken powers. It was, and still is, the most elaborate and wonderful story that i could never fully explain to anyone.