Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Idle Isle

Today is my Mom's birthday! In honor of this I decided to make her favorite candies, Idle Isle Almond Creme Toffees. They are now going to have to change their website to say, "so often copied but never duplicated, except one time by Rachel."

I used a combination of recipes for the fondant-like filling. Sara sent me this recipe, which seemed like a good start, but didn't seem toffee-ish enough, so I combined it with this recipe. With these I made my own recipe for Idle Isle Almond Creme Toffee:

I dissolved 1lb of light brown sugar over medium/low heat with 6T of milk. Once the sugar started dissolving I turned the heat up and added 1/4C of butter and a generous tablespoon of light corn syrup. Then I let that boil for a little over a minute, maybe 80 seconds. I removed it from the heat and added a splash of vanilla extract and a splash of almond extract, stirred, and poured in an entire (little) can of sweetened condensed milk. (I always want to call that "sweet and condensed milk" it means the same thing right?)

After that I poured the caramel/toffee into the bowl of my mixer and whipped in close to 2lb of powdered sugar. It had a consistency similar to frosting. I put this in the fridge for a few hours until it hardened to the texture of stiff cookie dough. Then I used a small scoop to form little balls, which went into the freezer overnight. They probably only needed a few hours in the freezer, but I was sleepy.When It was time to assemble the candy I melted 2 giant Symphony bars. (Well almost two, I needed a snack.) I added 2T of shortening so that the chocolate would be solid at room temperature when it cooled.
I dipped the candies in the chocolate and then rolled them in finely chopped toasted almonds. Make sure to keep your filling chilly for this part, otherwise the warm chocolate makes it kind of floppy. It is still delicious, just not as prim and pretty.
Be sure to put your copycat Idle Isle candies in little paper baking cups and pack them in neat little rows. Everything tastes better in little paper cups and neat rows.
Happy Birthday Mom! I hope your day is as great as you are!


Alan said...

They just got here! Mom was very happy! Delicious!

McRachie said...

Excellent! I wanted to taunt her with them first so she would be more surprised to get some :D

Autumn Christiansen said...

My sister and I tried a recipe for Idle Isle Nut Balls last year that turned out very tasty, but not quite like the originals. This year we again began our quest to re-create that famous candy. I came across your blog by chance while searching through pages and pages of Google results. Your recipe has a lot of the characteristics of the recipe we tried last year, but with the addition of beginning with a from-scratch caramel. After trying some of Idle Isles Nut Balls a neighbor gave us, just prior to beginning my candy making, I decided to follow your recipe precisely, but with the addition of rum extract (which I believe Idle Isle puts in their centers). Here are the results of my attempts at your incredible (and new family favorite) recipe.