Thursday, July 14, 2011

Revenge of the Saturn

So, does anybody remember Myrtle? She was the car whose back window exploded due to an aerosol can?

Guys, she is totally for sale on KSL! We sold her to Pedro for $300. He said he just wanted to use her transmission, which was really the only part of her that wasn't in need of a major overhaul. I guess he just couldn't bear to dismantle a beauty like her:It is 100% Myrtle. Notice her super cool missing hub-cap and faded paint pattern! Also, from the rear-view you can see where her window blew up and damaged the car:
You will also notice that Pedro falls under my "Crazy Fraudster" classification based on his writing style; shouting at you in all capital letters, creative punctuation, and heinous grammar. This confirms my prejudice against KSL ad writers because Pedro is totally lying.

It is possible that he replaced all of Mrytle's guts and she no longer breaks down at lights, dies when the gas pedal is pressed too suddenly, coughs up soot, rattles and shakes, or threatens to overheat. However, all the fixing in the world will not give Myrtle a "CLEAN TITLE." That old bag had some wild times in her youth and has a rebuilt title to prove it.

The moral of this story:
I'm going to keep judging people based on their punctuation usage, and I am going to feel good about myself for doing it.


Steffy said...

Somebody did that exact thing to us when we sold Harold's car! They also drove it around without changing the title or registration into their name. Then the DMV sent us a letter about it and we had to send them a letter about it giving them permission to impound the car.

Sara said...

Where can I send my SPECIAL SECURITY NUMBER or my CREDIT CARD NUMBER to buy this great car? I am especially excited that it only has 109,000 miles!!!