Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Seriously. The Gryffindors are noble and brave hero folk. Syltherins are probably evil, but at least they are smart and driven. Ravenclaws are the thoughtful artsy types. Then there are Hufflepuffs who are hard-working, aka the peasants. That's where they put all the kids who are probably squibs.


Haley! said...

So true! I like Ravenclaw :D

McRachie said...

Then you're a hipster ;)

Sonya said...

I also am a Ravenclaw. I use Luna as proof that you can be an eccentric trivia-hound with logic skillz, and that Ravenclaw is not just for eggheads (aka ppl with scholastic advantage over me).
Plus, I totally am not boringly brave/selfless/meddling enough for Gryffindor. Oh, what, there's a giant kid-eating snake in the building? Yeah I didn't see it because I was reading. Nope, I didn't notice the three-headed faux-cerberus in the forbidden room. We aren't allowed in there and it smelled bad so I wasn't particularly interested. The forbidden books though, I totally have six of them hidden under my bed.

Rain Coyote said...

Oh my heck. You have to read this post on this blog:


I laugh every time I read it.