Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Handsome Bryce is making a cabinet/island for me to use in the kitchen. I am super excited about this, but I have not been very helpful because I mostly spend all my time inventing new and better ways to sit around.So whilst Bryce is hard at work I sit around in the garage and help once and a while, in between all the difficult parts.
While this project has been going on I have started looking at the old bouncy horse, that has been around since before Bryce can remember. He looked like this:
Kind of a dusty Palomino Paint with a bloody nose, and inexplicably dark hair. He was still in pretty good shape, just a little shabby after so many years on the ranch. (Also the person who did the original coloring job was obviously some kind of Picasso-type who didn't believe in coloring in the lines.)

I decided to give him a make-over, and a name. According to Bryce, at no point in the history of playing with this horse did it occur to him or his brothers to give it a name. Boys.
We decided to name him Woodruff. I started by giving his saddle some shiny gold detailing, and spiffing up his saddle blanket. I used spray paint and tape to color him.
Next I painted him brown. We decided to make him a Thoroughbred. Nothing against Paints, Thoroughbreds are just more manly.

(Aside: This whole process set me to wondering about whether or not people dye their horse's hair for shows, and guess what! They totally do! Weird. People also put makeup and dye on dogs for dog shows.)
We wanted him to have a white mark on his face, and a dark muzzle, for added coolness.
Ta da! Here he is, all painted and shiny!
There are a few areas I need to touch up, and we need to make his base more presentable, but on the whole I am pretty happy. Woodruff is just like a real horse, except tiny, and he doesn't shed or poop!


The Kneeland Family said...

He looks great! What a great idea. He looks much more updated!Good Job U go Girl!

Steffy said...

Look how pretty he is! I mean handsome. I would like to take him home with me.

Haley! said...

That is so cool! I am glad it turned out well! :D

Tara said...

hahaha! Maddy gave her stamp of approval! ;)

The Food Hunter said...

What kind of paint did you use to refurbish this horse. Also did you cover the whole thing with a sealer or clear acrylic?

McRachie said...

I just used spray paint. I didn't put any kind of clear coat on the top since it was the Rustoleum outdoor paint, which is pretty durable, but it certainly couldn't hurt put a clear coat on.