Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Lingo

In our house we have a certain special lingo derived mostly from funny things that we have heard little kids say. For example:

Once when we were in a restaurant there was a couple in full-on snog-mode. My brother Nate, who was probably about 4 pointed this out by whispering:This saying has since been broadened to refer to any public behavior that you wish would stop. Nathan also coined the phrase "Don't look at my shame" after you have done something embarrassing; and the counter-part "It was ME! I did it!" for when you are proud of something that other people would consider embarrassing.

When my sister Haley was about 2 she could talk really well. She could also sniff out any kind of cookies, or cakes, or candies really well. If she caught you with a treat she would say:

She also would say "Heeeey, why I not got no _______" fill in the blank with whatever Haley wanted you to "share" with her. We still use both of these saying regularly.

One of the most useful sayings came from my niece Maddy, when she was 2 or 3. She was in the kitchen riding Woodruff and shouted:
You know the feeling, staring into an overflowing fridge but not seeing anything you want to eat. Really, there is not a more articulate way to express this feeling.

It's kind of weird how these little sayings stick with you. Does your family say anything weird?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Under the Weather

17 Miracles is a movie about the Martin and Willie pioneer groups, who walked across the United States using handcarts to pull their belongings during the mid 1800s. They made a lot of terrible sacrifices for their faith and to find a safe home for their posterity.

Monday, August 29, 2011

High Heeled Shoes

Seriously, and there are two buckles on each shoe! My lungs are crying just thinking about it.

Thanks Honeybub!

Friday, August 26, 2011


Seriously have you seen those squeaky shoes? They are hilarious, it balances out all annoyingness.

Hi Sarah!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Does This Taste Bad?
I thought maybe my taste buds were just more advanced than other people's, until I drank filtered water.

I am Gollum.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No one knows to ask about how you are feeling until you feel fine again, so now I get all this sympathy when I really feel pretty normal.

Although this does happen sometimes:
I think when people see that you are pregnant they get excited and want to say, "Hey I notice something different about you! You are pregnant! That's interesting/exciting." But they can't say that, that would be random, so instead they say something else. Usually what they say probably sounded better in their head than it does out-loud.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

History Lesson

You can tell I was pretty peeved because I didn't even say the whole word "Whatever" and I am not one to go shortening words willy nilly.

That is how my former blog url came into being. It was a fine url, but it seemed kind of random and disconnected with the rest of my blog, since I rarely actually curse or blast anything.

So I have a new address now. If you have been kind enough to link to my blog, first of all THANKS! and second of all please update your links so people don't get lost. Third of all THANKS!

Monday, August 22, 2011


So this Sunday, in Sacrament meeting:
Ross Apo, Wide Receiver; Jake Heaps, Quarterback; Kyle Van Noy, Linebacker on the BYU football team.

There are articles about these guys all the time, and Bryce and I read them. So pretty much we know all about them, but they don't know us--at all.

This is the problem with being able to read all about people, who you don't know, on the internet. What do you do when you encounter them in person? Ok, true you could just act normal. But what about me? I can't act normal!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Can You Draw?

In my earliest memories my dad was a student at Art Center College of Design. People would always ask me, "Are you going to be an artist like your daddy, when you grow up?" I remember being bewildered by that question and responding with "I already am." This of course made all the adults laugh a lot, but I didn't understand why. Look at this baby:That is my mom, me, and Sara when I was five. (Sara had really dark hair when she was a babykins.)

I even had a picture published in The Friend!
Number 13, that is a picture of singing time in primary, at church. (I just noticed the bear creeper in the corner, he totally wants to eat my well behaved primary child!)
This is a picture of people saying "No" to a bad guy offering them alcohol. (Notice the hat, hats are untrustworthy.) Also the sun is jump roping and the cloud is roller skating. No one ever offers them alcohol.

I have been reading about child drawings. The development stages are pretty interesting. It seems that most children draw very similarly in the beginning, but by their teenage years some decide that they are not artists and some decide that they are. The people who decide they are not artists often feel like they do not have the magical innate ability that artists have and that they cannot learn it. Perhaps they think it is a mutant gift that some people are born with and others can never acquire. This is interesting because pretty much everyone starts out so similarly.
I remember making this recipe. (It reads downward in two columns.) As you can see you are supposed to put one large marshmallow in a bowl with cake mix and 1 tsp of water. Put that in a pan, and put the pan in an oven (A. Vin), then you wait as long as a cake would take. The idea was that the cake would have marshmallow filling.

I wonder if some of the reason that some people stop drawing is related to the encouragement that they receive. My mom actually made this recipe with me, (although we also added eggs and oil). The marshmallow did not spread throughout the cake as a gooey filling, the way I had imagined it would, but we still made it anyway.
Mickey Mouse, and his sentient house plant.
Self portrait with non-sentient plant.
The Escher phase.
I think everyone can learn to draw, do you? I know some people might be more creative, or more interested, but just like math, or chemistry, if you really want to do it you can.

Thanks Mom and Dad, for encouraging me to draw and make things! (Also thanks for teaching me how to spell "oven".)

Maybe some people reading this wish they could draw, if you do, then guess what? It is your lucky day because after today you can! You just need to try.

Plus, all you really need to be able make is stick figures, for comics, and everyone is happy.