Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doodle Doodle Doo

Handsome Bryce and I like to doodle. I think this is sometimes frowned upon because people think that doodling means we are not paying attention. I have always felt like doodling actually helps me to pay attention, but trying to explain that to someone else is kind of like telling them about how eating twinkies is helping me lose weight.

Luckily NPR and TIME have published stories to tell the world what I always suspected, doodling does help you pay attention! (Incidentally CNN also has a moving piece about twinkies helping you lose weight, so really anything is possible.)Bryce and I play a sort of doodle game, usually during church. One of us draws something and then the other person builds on it with their own doodle, then we just keep switching back and forth.
The funny thing is how quickly I forget which parts I drew and which parts Bryce drew. Can you guess?
So if you see us doodling and feel offended just know that I am listening and doodling is keeping me occupied enough to not try to swindle your toddler into giving me his fruit snacks.

Mmm fruit snacks...


Alan said...

"What was that? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention, I was doodling."

—Me to H.R. Person
(Why I think I didn't hit a home run in my last job interview).

Steffy said...

I thought it would be easy to tell your doodles apart because you have doodled so many things for me.... Wrong! Good work you two!

Sonya said...

Some things I can absolutely tell were you, but there isn't anything I can absolutely tell was not you. Blast, you two are starting to meld into a single married blob! (maybe too many cupcakes and fruit snacks? hehee)

Karen said...

I doodle while paying attention too! Try explaining it to a spouse who doesn't buy it though. He gives me this look like I am encouraging the kids, and it's my fault that they won't 4or there with their arms folded!

Rain Coyote said...

Haha! You and Bryce are awesome.