Thursday, August 04, 2011

Keeping Things

Yesterday my brother, Nate, and I were discussing the restricted section in the Hogwarts Library. What is the deal with that place?

Yeah, probably that was not such a great idea when you think about it. We were in the middle of making fun of those dumb wizards when I was struck with a thought:

Muggles are totally keeping live cultures of smallpox in WHO labs in Russia and the United States.

Why are we doing that?
Of course both labs are super secure. What could go wrong?

P.s. Do not go to the wikipedia page about smallpox if you are planning on eating any food today. They have pictures, and it is so so so horrible, you will puke for sure.


M. McEwen said...

Yes, do NOT click on this link which will take you directly to the wikipedia page about small pox. ;-)

I'd like to see the analytics on how many people went directly to the wikipedia page after reading your post. Also I'd like to segment that by gender.

If sending people to the small pox wikipedia page was your intent, you are brilliant! If not, I forsee some fun parenting moments in your future (mainly due to the 'other half' of your childrens' DNA) :-D

Rain Coyote said...

Darn Horcruxes.

I've often wondered about the restricted section myself. Obviously if it's restricted, that's where ALL the students will go with their invisibility cloaks to poke around.