Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Book Idea

So, my Tide Light idea never really got off the ground, but get ready for this! I now have a new book pitch to satisfy everyone looking for some angsty romance:

Two star-crossed lovers, whose families have been enemies since the dawn of time...One a dog, and the other a cat. Their families totally hate this.
Can they make it work? Yes, and they even have a reasonably peaceful wedding reception with mice wrapped in bacon hor'dourves! And then they have a baby and he is way cute:
But, things are only going to be happy for like 4 pages, because their baby is going to grow up to be a mangy, horrible, hobo-dog-cat!
How can they love a hyena? Find out in my new and exciting story about hate and love and how hyenas are totally gross, but maybe nice*:

* SPOILER: Hyenas are not nice.


Haley! said...

Awwww the baby hyena is cute!:) haha

Sonya said...

...But hyenas need love too! In the end, does some well-meaning but perhaps too indulgent hippie cat lady let them live in her back yard and leave them tofu steaks?
ps. You would be APPALLED if you knew who my mom feeds kitchen scraps to. But not surprised.

McRachie said...

Is it Bigfoot? Is that why they can't find him? He's hiding in a ditch behind your parent's house?

Rain Coyote said...

I will read it. I like hyenas.