Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Possible Superpower Identified

I have reason to believe that Baby McEwen may have laser vision, or the ability to emit microwaves. Observe exhibit A:This was an ordinary bottle of hand sanitizer that has been living in my purse. Last week I pulled it from the bag to find it deformed due to severe melting in some past time.

My purse also contained a chapstick and a secondary bottle of hand sanitizer (for emergencies, in case this bottle was ever out of commission, WHICH TOTALLY HAPPENED see?) Neither of those things, or any of the other things in the purse, seemed to have been melted at any time.
So whatever destroyed this bottle was more focused than ambient heat. I haven't been doing any radiation related experiments since I have been pregnant so the only logical conclusion is that Baby McEwen himself melted the bottle.

I haven't noticed any scars so I am pretty sure he shoots the laser beams from the center of my belly-button (Death Star style) to melt targets. This report is unconfirmed until more evidence comes to light.

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Haley! said...

:) hahaa this is great! Now you will never need to cook food again! :)