Wednesday, August 24, 2011

No one knows to ask about how you are feeling until you feel fine again, so now I get all this sympathy when I really feel pretty normal.

Although this does happen sometimes:
I think when people see that you are pregnant they get excited and want to say, "Hey I notice something different about you! You are pregnant! That's interesting/exciting." But they can't say that, that would be random, so instead they say something else. Usually what they say probably sounded better in their head than it does out-loud.


Sonya said...

I find myself almost saying things like that to people. I think it is the human urge to relate to the other person, but the things we remember best are the bad things, and they burst forth before we can stop it sometimes.
I do think pregnant ladies need to make their boundaries known. I will probably flip out if people try and touch my stomach without written consent.

Haley! said...

:/ man that bulgy girl was weird! haha :)