Friday, September 23, 2011


All my life I have hated meatloaf. Also all my life people have been tying to convince me that I actually like meatloaf.There used to be a band called "Creed" (if you are too young or too old to know who they were just stay that way, don't Google them; Google Justin Bieber or Elmo or something instead). I have always hated Creed, but when I came to college people started trying to convince me that I actually liked them.
And then there is Halloween. Everyday this week I have explained some reasons why I hate Halloween. Obviously my logic is irrefutable, but is anybody taking down their decorations? Is anybody writing the president to ask if we can cancel this horrible day? No. Everyone is saying:

I will never change.


Clairice said...

I know! This will be awesome! You can dress up like a meatloaf for Halloween. Yea!

McRachie said...

Ha ha ha! Yes! Pregnant meatloaf!