Friday, September 09, 2011

Monkey Growth Chart

My mom is way excited that we are having a baby. She is so excited that she converted one of the upstairs bedrooms into a "Grand-kid Room" complete with a crib, bunk beds, and a cute little bench by the window so they have a place to read books. That's right, I don't have a bedroom at my parents' house, but all my unborn children do! I am ok with that though. That way I have a place to ditch them while I go Mayzie-the-Lazy-Bird it up.

To decorate her baby room I decided to make a growth chart for the wall. I wanted it to be movable, so Handsome Bryce got me some Masonite and cut it into 6'8''x15'' pieces. We got the kind that is glossy white on one side. I sprayed the white side with clear primer so the paint would stick to the super slippery surface.
Then I drew my monkey design on paper. I could have drawn it right onto the Masonite but I want to make a couple of growth charts for people.
After finishing my drawing I needed to transfer it to the Masonite. To do this you need to scribble all over the back of the drawing with a pencil. Like this:
It would be helpful if you had one of those fatty flat pencils or a graphite stick, but I didn't have one so I just custom sharpened a regular pencil:
That was pretty fun to do. Next you lay your drawing face up, scribble side down, on the board and go over the whole thing with a pen. Don't use a felt tip pen, because you need to apply a bit of pressure. You don't need to use all your strength, you just need to push as hard as you would on a medical form, (you know the ones with a pink or yellow copy behind the main one).

If you aren't confident in your drawing ability this transfer method will work on print-outs too.
Once the drawing is transferred the fun part begins!
Paint (Haha that black thing at the bottom of the picture is my tummy!)

You can paint yours as detailed as you want. I was thinking about painting flat colors and then outlining everything in black paint pen, which would still look good and probably be easier; but I like shading so I did that instead.

This one is my favorite monkey:
And here is the finished product! (Almost finished, I need to seal it with shellac to protect it from grubby kid hands.)
Here is the top:
The big monkeys:
And the little monkeys:
It was a super fun project, but probably not one that most people are going to crank out in a single day. (Especially if those people are pregnant and super lazy.)

One thing to remember, you are probably not going to hang your growth chart so that it is touching the floor. This chart is made to hang 4 inches above the floor. You can customize the height of your chart as well. Since Bryce is 6'5'' I figured a max height of 7 feet would be good, but that might not be necessary for every family.

Hopefully all my parents' grand-kids will have fun with this chart, when they are taking a break from reading books on their tiny bench!


Sara said...

Yay! That looks so good! I'm so excited to see it in person!

Haley Dennis said...

CUTE! It turned out really well! :)

Alan said...

Very cute! Can't wait to hang it up then start measuring little monkeys!