Saturday, September 17, 2011

Outrageous Dessert

Imagine there is a little lump of cookie dough, just sitting there, when suddenly it is eaten by a wild cinnamon roll! Now the cinnamon roll is feeling pretty smug, all full of cookie, so it doesn't realize a huge mass of glaze is coming to swallow it up. That is what this dessert is.First make some cookie dough. I was planning on making miniature cinnamon rolls to I made my dough a little but thin and used mini chips.
Then you make cinnamon rolls. This is my favorite recipe for cinnamon rolls.
I rolled the dough thin, again for cinni-mini purposes. Then you slather the whole thing with butter. Don't skimp on the butter. If a bunch of butter makes you squirmy you should reconsider some of your life choices, mainly the one where you chose to make chocolate-chip-cookie-dough -stuffed cinnamon rolls.
Next comes cinnamon and sugar.
And then an army of little cookie dough balls.
Roll it all up and use a piece of floss to slice them.
Be warned, when you cook them they are liable to explode a bit.
But just slather them in whatever kind of glaze you like and they will look alright!
I thought these were pretty tasty. The cookie dough of turns into a kind of choclately caramel. I wouldn't recommend making them normal cinnamon roll sized though, the body can only handle so much!

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