Thursday, October 06, 2011

Aisle of Misfit Buys

The checkout line at the grocery store is often referred to as the place for impulse buys, but have you ever noticed the strange things that get abandoned there?

Yesterday Haley and I decided to document the strange things that were left in our checkout lane.

Some things make sense. Kids like to sneak things into the cart and a mom might not notice until she got to the check-out. I could easily see a little package of balloons hiding in cart until this point.
And maybe if your mom was really unobservant you could even sneak in a whole box of delicious, sugary, chocolate cereal, only to be foiled at the last second.

But a bag of frozen burritos? No kid could sneak that! This one had to be an adult who suddenly had a change of heart in the burrito department. "What?! These are not heart healthy? Forget it then!"

"What was I thinking buying three cans of ravioli when we only need two? I must rid myself of one can!"
"On second thought, our teeth are plenty clean from drinking Diet Coke. Who needs toothpaste?"

"Listen Baby, if you don't stop that squawking I am not buying anything for you! Oh that's how it's going to be? Fine, forget the dipes punk."

... I don't even know. Who leaves lunch meat at the check stand? Was is an amnesiac who suddenly remembered they are vegetarian? A hen-pecked husband whose wife called him at the last second telling him he better not bring home any turkey? Is that actually what Juicy Fruit envisions as a Captain America treat?
What is going on?

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Sonya said...

The sad thing is, if you give it to your cashier, they will be much happier. Hiding your regrets does no one any good! Especially cold stuff. If it is still quite cold, it can be put back. Otherwise it gets trashed. Sad and wasteful.

Also, do I see a surplus apostrophe?