Friday, October 14, 2011

At Last! It's Mine!

You may remember my earlier post about the bearded baby beanie. I really wanted one, a lot. You can buy them pre-made on Etsy from bylauradesign, or she will sell you the pattern at a fraction of the cost and you can make your own. I was inhibited by both my cheapness and my complete lack of experience in crocheting.

It turns out the second problem was a lot easier to overcome so I bought the pattern. When I bought it I thought "How hard can this be? I'll just read the instructions and do what the instructions say to do." Ha! It turns out that crochet instructions are not like sewing instructions, they basically say "tie this complicated knot 15 times in a row, then tie a different complicated knot 8 times..." If you don't know how to tie those complicated knots you can look them up online, but that also does not help a lot.

Lucky for me one of the girls I work with, (hi Maren!) is excellent at crocheting and was willing to explain it to me!

Pretty much I would show her the instructions, she would tell me what to do, then I would go home and do it, and then bring it back. Every time I did this Maren would end up unraveling all the stuff I did before and have me do it again the right way. I was grateful that she did not get fed up and just do it herself.

It took me about three months to make this, but that is because I was a slacker and worked on other projects instead. The actual working time was probably more like three hours. I definitely couldn't have done it without Maren explaining it to me though. Thanks Maren!

I made the beard so it was detachable with little snaps, in case our baby wants to be clean-shaven sometimes.

Now I just need to have a baby so I can make him wear this hat!


Haley Dennis said...

Yay! At last, it's done!! :D You and Bryce should get matching ones :)

Sara said...

It looks great! It's a good thing you made the beard detachable in case he has to take an exam at the testing center.

McRachie said...

He can probably get a beard card on account of the fact that he is not allowed to use razors.

M. McEwen said...

I just have one question: Who keeps Cream of Wheat at the office? :-) (See second pic)

Good things it's finished, now you can have the baby! :-)

McRachie said...

The Cream of Wheat is mine. It's from the beginning of the pregnancy when I was sick and only wanted to eat bland things like potatoes and Cream of Wheat :)