Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy Birthday Harold

I have known Harold for about seven years. I take full credit for the fact that he married my bff college roommate Steffy. (Don't worry, she paid me back by getting me to work at IT and thus meet Handsome Bryce, so we are even.)

Steffy is throwing a surprise birthday party for Harold and asked everyone to bring a food that reminds them of him. I was kind of distressed about this because the only Harold-food that stands out to me are scallops, because he was the first person I ever saw eating them. I hate scallops and I did not want to make them. Steff bailed me out though, and asked me if I wanted to bring the cake to which I said YES!!!111!

I love making birthday cakes, because it is a special cake for only one person. You don't have to compromise or adjust things for everyone's tastes you just make it the way the birthday person wants it. Harold's favorite is yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and he likes the video game Zelda.

Since I wanted a smooth finish on this cake I made my crumb coat more neat and tidy than I usually do.

Harold is the first person who ever explained to me that Zelda is not actually the name of the main character in the game Zelda. He had to remind me about this about 100 times when I kept saying "Those little Zeldas following you around the screen are SO CUTE!" The main character's name is Link, weird huh? I think this was a trick so that Zelda outsiders will stand out and look dumb in front of the true Zelda fans.

I used a picture of 8-bit Link which I planned to recreate with M&Ms. While the crumb coat was hardening in the fridge I laid the design out on some paper. Two things became obvious pretty fast. First, normal M&Ms are way too big to make this design fit on a round cake. Second, using yellow for Link's skin makes him look too much like Yoda.

Luckily I had a back-up plan, M&M-minis to the rescue!

If you want to do something like this I highly recommend making your design on paper first, because frosting dries kind of fast, and is not very forgiving.

I topped the cake with a thin, light chocolate frosting. I wanted to make sure there would be good contrast between the frosting and the brown M&Ms.

Then I recreated the design on the top of the cake. This is meticulous work, and takes a bit of time, but it is faster than painting your design in frosting, probably.

I finished the sides with super chocolatey frosting. Secret hint, if you add red and yellow food coloring to your chocolate frosting it looks a lot yummier, and therefore tastes a lot yummier.

Bryce and I are lucky to have such good friends in Steff and Harold. I am always grateful for their kindness and hilariousness. You guys are the best!

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Steffy said...

You are the best!! Harold really was sad we cut the cake but he has really enjoyed eating it. I'm so glad we are friends!