Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Music at BYU

Brigham Young University has an honor code, and an image to uphold. This means there are only about three popular songs that they can play at football games without scandalizing someone.

I dislike all three of the songs they play for two reasons. Firstly, I think the lyrics are dumb.

Secondly, it seems like when one of these songs comes on, pretty much everyone is compelled to make this weird duck-face and dance around.
This is why I only like old music.

Great. Now I can only listen to classical music.That's not very much of a duck-face right? RIGHT?


Haley Dennis said...
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Steffy said...

I am making the duck face right now. Does that mean you can't listen to me anymore? What if I make cat face instead? You know those really fat cats that look like a baseball bat smashed their face in?

Sonya said...

I don't make a duck face...I kind of make a face like I am having digestive issues. It is a sexy dance face.