Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When I was a kid there was a toy called "Splash Out." Do you remember it? It was like playing hot-potato with a little ball that would explode a water balloon all over one unlucky person.

Being pregnant is pretty much like being a human time-bomb of water. I am terrified of having my water break in public.

Someone told me that if it happens in the grocery store you can break a pickle jar and disguise your shame.

This plan is good in theory, but what if it happens when I am not on the pickle aisle? I would have to make a beeline for the pickles every time I go to the store, and keep them in my cart for the whole trip.

And what if it happens when I am not at the grocery store? I guess I could just always keep a jar in my purse.

I am the most worried about it happening at work. I used to work custodial at BYU. I am not sure if I would rather clean up the pickles in ignorance, or know the horrible truth.

Hopefully it never comes to this.


JamesnMeagan said...

HAHAHA! You keep me sane at work! I laugh all the time at your posts. People probably think I'm crazy when I laugh out loud at my computer.

Brooke said...

I have a plan. I will claim we were in a pickle war, and my latest prank caused pickle jar glass to lodge in your toe, necessitating a quick exit. Done and done.

McRachie said...

Yes! That story is so good even I believe it! You are a genius.

mama bear said...

my water broke with both my kids, and it wasn't a huge gush of water like i was fearing. it was just trickling like i was slowly peeing my pants or something. (gross, huh?). but at least it's better than an explosion...