Monday, October 10, 2011


So if you want me to watch your stupid show you had better put it online. The End.


Sonya said...

When I visit my parents, there is no DVR. Sitting through commercials now makes me confused and fidgetty. We record all our shows and watch them later. Or, if it is something we MUST see now, we pause it and go do something else for ten minutes so we have some buffer to speed through commercials with. Watching commercials feels like my brain is being violated.

Alan said...

We love DVR. How did we call ourselves couch potatoes before? But NetFlix? The 60% increase for poor streaming and lame movies was too much for us. We were part of the large number that cancelled. Up to 50% of NetFlix users said they would cancel in a poll... we did. Then the CEO apologizes to the customers, but does not change the rate hike, then the aborted plan to split off the DVD business to Quickster...what a poorly run company!