Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are You Alone in Your Car?

A friend of mine, (hi Maria!) pointed out that people are pretty uninhibited in the "privacy" of their own car. The upper half of cars are mostly made of see-through glass, but people still feel alone enough to do pretty embarrassing things.

For example:
Who among us has not seen someone digging for gold during a red light? You can see them, they can see you, and yet they continue shamelessly clawing away.

Then there is:
This person is having fun at the red light, too much fun actually. They are having an embarrassing one person jam session screeching over the real song, even during the guitar solo. Again, you can see them, you can probably hear them, but they don't care.

Last and least:

It is inexplicable but people feel vindicated in shouting profanely at old people while protected by the shell of their car.

It's strange. None of these behaviors would be acceptable if the cars were gone and we were standing around. Does a thin layer of metal, plastic, and glass isolate us enough that we can throw our normal manners away?

Luckily, you will never see me doing anything embarrassing while I am driving.

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