Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Want My Baby to Laugh

McBaby is now three months old. He is smiling and chattering to me all the time, but he does not laugh yet! A lot of people tell me that I am funny, but I am starting to think that all those people are just kissing up to me because of my incredible good looks. Nothing I do makes this kid feel like laughing!

I haven't been a slacker either, I have totally been bringing my A-game.

With only lukewarm results.

I have tried going for the shock effect:

It produces surprise, but not giggles.

I have even resorted to cheap slapstick:


I am suspicious that he is holding out on me; a few times when he has been in his car-seat he has made squeally laugh sounds, but I couldn't see his face to know if it was a laugh or not. Here is a video of him. It doesn't have sound, but it doesn't need sound because he doesn't think anything I do is funny enough to lol!

You have to admit that is pretty much the most adorable thing you have seen all day.


Haley Dennis said...

AW! Ewwwaan! I can't wait until he laughs! Maybe he needs to hear you guys laugh more! You should train him to have a funny laugh :)

Sara said...

hehe that IS the cutest thing I've seen all day. Perhaps you need to entertain him in some higher forms of comedy such as satire or parody. The wikipedia page on "high comedy" specifically lists Monty Python as an example so perhaps he is boycotting laughter until you let him partake in Monty Python night...

mama bear said...

so cute! he'll laugh soon, i bet.

Alan said...

He thinks his grandpa is funny. Bring him here, I will get him to laugh! Dance monkey, DANCE!