Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snow Driving

It's starting to be pretty snowy around here. I have lived in Utah for a while now, but it is still shocking to me that it snows after Christmas. I always thought that all the snow would melt on December 26th, or maybe January 1st; but there are a lot of things about snow that I didn't understand before I came here.

I really love how pretty and shiny snow is, but I really don't love driving in it. I have explained before that I am secretly a cranky old lady, and when it snows the secret is out. I transform into that little granny who drives 15 miles per hour in a 45 zone and leaves her blinker on for 12 miles without turning.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, I am from California. I consider a bit of rain to be horrible driving conditions. The thought of sliding even a little bit on an icy road freaks me out. Handsome Bryce has coached me to never ever slam on that breaks in that situation but I really Really REALLY want to slam on the breaks. REALLY.

It's not just that I grew up in California. I have found that most people consider themselves to be above average drivers. I used to think that too, until one day I turned left in front of on-coming traffic and totaled my mom's van. Turning in front of another car does not seem to be the kind of thing a talented driver would do, so I am forced to conclude that I am below average in driving ability.

When it is snowing there is always someone who tailgates me with rage in their eyes, stuck behind me as I crawl along the road. I think that they think their tailgating will motivate me to speed up. Nothing could be further from the truth. The tailgating actually validates me. I figure that because of my relative inexperience with snow driving, and factoring in my general below average driving ability, I need to drive 30% more slowly that normal people to be safe.

So if you see me on a snowy road avoid getting stuck behind me and we can still be friends.


Laura said...

I second this post completely!

Cheryl said...

ok, so I'm glad you're back to blogging, and that you have been partying it up, but where are the pictures of said baby? I want to see his cuteness! (Although I do love your comic strips too)

Camie and JD said...

VERY TRUE! I am glad to see you back from all the partying!

Sonya said...

I also say Yay blogging is back!
For me, I am lucky that Paul and I can usually carpool. He drives 100% of the time we need to go somewhere together (except sometimes on roadtrips) and I just fall asleep. I am also not a good driver, and I am passive aggressive toward other people who seem to think that they are great drivers. That hotshot dude who weaves in and out of traffic all speedy-like? I see him coming in the rearview and try to find a car to be next to so he can't go anywhere. This makes me even worse. I don't feel bad about doing that to annoying and dangerous drivers (I am a bad driver, but not actively dangerous) but I do know it does not help me in road vigilance.
Driving in precipitation of any kind freaks me out, but driving in a heavy fog was the most terrifying experience of my life. Way worse than my car accident.