Thursday, February 02, 2012


I know everyone knows that Kennedy said "Ich bin ein Berliner" and it is hilarious because that is a jelly doughnut. It is not actually that funny though because a Berliner is also a non-doughnut-human from Berlin. Anways have you ever eaten one? (The doughnut, not the human, though if you have eaten a human Berliner please tell us about it in the comments.) They are not very difficult to make at home, (again, we are talking doughnuts here, human Berliner are pretty difficult to make at home unless your home is in Berlin, in which case it will take about 9 months to make one) so if you want to you can!

I used this recipe and it was fabulous! Of course I decided to make my Berliner (also known as Krapfen) into little heart shapes:
Also of course, I fried mine in lard. I know, lard is a bad word. (We will talk about ugly words tomorrow.) Here's the thing though: Lard is delicious. All the delicious bread items you have eaten are delicious because of lard.

Don't let the fat be too hot or too cold, otherwise you will end up with burned dough-balls or saturated grease sponges, respectively. Krapfen are supposed to have a white ring around their middle. According to the recipe if you close the lid of the pan whilst frying them you will get this mystical ring. I tried closing the lid and got no ring, but I don't mind; the ring is mostly for show anyway.

I have a large kitchen syringe which I used to fill the little hearts up with jelly. I tried putting jam in some of them but that was incredibly difficult to push through a syringe because of the little pieces of fruit in the jam. I persevered though, with only one doughnut popping off and spraying jam everywhere.

When you are done just sprinkle a bit of powdered sugar over the top! Then look at your plate and say "Ihr seid Berliner!" ("You guys are jelly doughnuts!") They will know what you mean.


Sonya said...

Do you think they could be baked? This is 97% fear of hot oil and only 3% fear of fatty stuff. The bubbling and hotness terrifies me.

McRachie said...

I just saw your comment, I do not think they can be baked and retain their crispy deliciousness. You could bake them and have little rolls with jam, but it wouldn't be a Berliner. Sorry :(