Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Betrayal

We've all been there, something horrible is on your hands. Maybe it is slimy, or drippy, or smells weird. Maybe it is all of those things. In this situation there is only one thought in every person's mind:

Ah, the fluffy soft savior of all the folks who have ever found themselves in a messy situation.

You run to the cabinet or drawer or closet where you will find solace from your mess.

And then the worst thing possible happens: You turn into a gross soulless vampire! No! Worse than that even! The only thing in the haven of towels is a microfiber towel!

It's disgusting. It clings to everything that touches it, so it is covered in hair, weird lint, and unidentifiable miscellany.

Your precious towel is not there to save you, so you prepare to leave in defeat.

But that microfiber towel calls to you. Why surrender when it's there waiting to help? You think that perhaps it can help you after all. So you give it a try:

NOOOOOOOOOOO! It doesn't absorb water! Your hands will never be clean again! Who invented these imposters???

1 comment:

Carlee said...

That is terrible. Those microfiber rags are great for cleaning glasses though!.
Also, if it makes you feel any better, the majority of places don't even use towels in Taiwan. I've gotten used to just patting my hands dry on my shirt or pants.